Improve Your Body Reflexes

Some Exercises which Can Improve Reflexes Effectively

Some sports need more reflexes and if you want to be a better player, you have to improve reflexes. The tips below show you how to maintain the simplest and most comfortable fitness. This information is good for those who want to join a baseball team and any activities which need your reflex.

Physical Exercises

The way to improve reflexes is by doing physical exercises. You don’t have to do a complicated exercise and just do a simple one such as catching a rubber ball or also known as a reaction ball. Don’t underestimate this exercise because the ball bounces at unpredictable angles. This exercise helps to increase your brain to make a fast decision to catch the ball. At the same time, it improves your reflexes. You may start bounces the ball slowly and increase the speed and challenge yourself to catch the ball.Physical Exercises

Play Dodgeball

Besides playing with a reaction ball, you can also play a dodge ball to improve your reflex. The difference is that you can play this ball with your partner. The idea of this exercise is letting your partner throw a dodgeball to you. In this case, you have to stay close to a wall and let your partner through the ball as fast as it can. Your job is to field and kicking the ball which goes to you. You may also as two partners to throw the dodgeball to you to increase the challenge. For reflexes, regular exercise should be done.Improve Reflexes

Play Table Tennis

Another sport you can do to improve reflexes is table tennis. The idea is similar to the two references above in which you have to predict the ping pong or the ball. The unpredictable angle of the ball helps to increase your reflex as well as your hand and eye coordination before hit the ball back to the opponent. This is also a fun exercise to do because you can play it with a partner or up to three partners if you want to play double. The more you play table tennis, you will have a better reflex.

Play Table Tennis is Improve Reflexes

Play Badminton

If you like to do outdoor sports, you can just choose to play badminton. This sport is a little bit hard to play because it is played in an outdoor and larger field than table tennis. You have to run to catch the unpredictable ball from your opponent. The good news, the ball is unpredictable from the opponent can add significantly reflexes. You have to think the position of the ball fast and hit it back to the opponent. In fact, the ball comes to you fast so you also have to make a decision fast otherwise you lose the game.

You may treat yourself by doing those exercises regularly. The list above explains that there are a variety of ways to improve reflexes. You just need to do it regularly and feel the result before and after you do the exercises. If you have better reflexes you can be easily accepted in a sports team.

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