Long Range Wifi Booster

Best Portable Long Range Wifi Booster Devices you can buy

Well, it is highly arguable that a long range wifi booster is an important device you need to have. The argument becomes more critical if the device is portable enough to allow you to carry when traveling. Well, when traveling, having a strong Wi-Fi signal is actually a privilege since it could be very rare. Well, let us check the list of the best boosters, shall we?Long Range Wifi Booster

  1. Panda’s PAU07

The first one on this list would be the tiny device named Panda PAU07. The thing makes a perfect choice if you wish to own a Wi-Fi booster that is not too expensive yet works decently. Well, actually, Panda has released several devices over time and it is the latest one of its roster. Although its predecessor remains a formidable option, it has become too old and it needs to be replaced with the new one. The speed it offers is not too shabby at all since it can reach up to 300Mbps. By the way, the device supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks.Wifi Booster

  1. HooToo’s Wireless Travel Router

The next one of this list is the interesting device which acts as a long range wifi booster named HooToo Wireless Travel Router. When it comes to its size, well, we are unable to say that this thing is compact (although it is a travel router) since it is relatively big if it is compared to most of its competitors. Fortunately, its big size is worth it since it allows the device to offer multiple features that surely will benefit you when on the way. Wireless Travel RouterFor example, it can also work as a portable power bank, thanks to its battery which has a capacity of 10,400mAh. Also, it is more durable since it has several rubber flaps which protect it from any dirt or water that may harm its electronics. Unfortunately, though, since it lacks an antenna, the range it has is slightly lower than most of its competitors.

  1. ANEWKODI’s Wireless USB

Well, the previous option is pretty interesting since it has a lot of features and it is also very durable. However, it pales in comparison of network range, where ANEWKODI shines brightly. If you wish for a simple option to gain a way to increase a Wi-Fi range, then, there is no way that you would refuse this one since it has the only thing that you are hoping for! As a proof that the device means business, the manufacturer has decided to equip it with a 5-decibel antenna that you can use to reinforce every wireless network you want! Unfortunately, though, it is a bit large-albeit still smaller than HooToo’s.

  1. TP-Link’s AC1200

The last option we unveil here is the device produced by TP-Link. This one is one of the best boosters when it comes to boosting longer range networks. TP-Link’s AC1200Unfortunately, it does not work well for shorter ranges. Aside from the fact that it runs on 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, it also has a port to access the Fast Ethernet. Fortunately, this long range wifi booster comes with a warranty which lasts for two years!

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