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Showbox Chromecast Method to Enjoy Your Favorite Movie in the Television Screen

Do you want to watch a movie from Showbox to Television? If it is so, you can take Showbox Chromecast method to do it. The way to do it is easy and what you have to do is following the steps below. Soon, you can enjoy your favorite movies from Showbox app to the television at home.

Install the Showbox and Chromecast

The first thing to do is install the Showbox Chromecast apps in your Android, especially for the new users. Even, if you are the user of this application you still have to download the latest version. The latest version doesn’t require MX player anymore to play multimedia contents on a Television or large screen. You may download the app via APK file from web stores. Showbox and Chromecast

Uninstall the MX Player

Because you no longer need the MX player to play multimedia contents, you have to uninstall the MX player. The MX player is located within the existing apps.Showbox Chromecast

Turn On the Installation

There is a case that you can’t use the installation. You don’t need to worry about that because you just need to turn on the installation. Just go to the security options and then find the unknown sources. Just change the option to turn on the installation so your Android doesn’t think that it is an unknown source.Install Allcast App

Download and Install Allcast App

You can download the Showbox Chromecast Allcast app from Google Play Store, Android market store, or iTunes. This app is a valuable application to send any contents such as pictures and videos from Android to Chromecast. This app also connects you to a variety of media devices including Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Apple TV, Sony, and Samsung Smart Television.AllCast

Select Your Favorite Movie

Now, launch your Showbox app and select the favorite movie you want to watch. After selecting the movie you want to watch, you can just open it via the Allcast app.Chromecast

Let Allcast Works

By the time you open the movie via Allcast app, this application works to search the player. Because you want to watch the movie from Showbox to Chromecast, you have to choose Chromecast as the player. Then, the Chromecast app helps to connect the movie to the television or larger screen. Now, you are able to watch your favorite movie from Showbox Chromecast app to a large screen or television in the most comfortable way.

Movie From Showbox

The most interesting way of using this method is that you can enjoy a variety of multimedia content from a variety of media devices on the television or large screen.You can enjoy it without any problem from the beginning to the end. The thing you need to do is learning how to use the Showbox Chromecast method step by step. NetworkJust do the steps above carefully so the result is just like what you are expected. After learning the steps and apply them, you will understand that streaming from Showbox to Chromecast is easy to do and even you can do it by yourself without any help from anyone. Try it and feel the sensation of watching a movie from Showbox to a television screen.

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